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Everything from Trenton2Philly + giving local talent a place to promote their events/gigs.

Feel free to post your Trenton2Philly events in the comments of this profile!

And ... submit your event here - for possible inclusion on the Trenton2Philly.com web site ...

T2P is dedicated to everything from Trenton2Philly, and giving local talent a place to promote their events/gigs.

Currently, there is no charge for bands/talent to have their gigs posted on the T2P web site. If you're a band, and your gig will be in the Trenton2Philly area, you'll most likely be included on the web site, and its mobile version.
Just know, T2P does play favorites ... those who post on Trenton2Philly's LJ will get a higher listing than those who don't ;)

Note: You'll have to register on the Teed Talk message board to post your gig. Remember to update your message board profile, mostly likely it will be the first place people click for more information about you.

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